The Tula Eye Balm is one of the most overrated Tula products ever. It worked wonders for me, and how quickly it stored selling out, regarded like everybody else generally agreed. I knew I needed to pick it up, so I should share my personal Tula Eye Balm review and spot if it lived as much as the considerable hype.

Tula Eye Balm Review

Typical, I’ve had quite an excellent experience with Tula products. I’ve shared the reviews. I had critically excessive hopes for the Tula Eye Balm.

My eyes look and sense tired about 90% of the time. I’m not the first-rate at falling asleep, so I constantly wake up the next day with heavy eyelids. Observing a laptop display screen for most of the day doesn’t help with this; I struggle with darkness under my eyes and some puffiness, too, so it seemed like this would be a little magic that would resolve all my under-eye issues. 

So I quickly purchase it. It looked stunning on my skin and brightened up my under eyes beautifully.

Tula Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm Review

The product is easy to touch, but as soon as implemented to the eyes, it offers a tingling, cooling sensation that is certain to wake your eyes up. This sense is not final lengthy, even though To preserve your eyes from dropping that awoke feeling, you’re likely to discover yourself often reapplying during the day.

The overall rating at the Amazon store for this Tule Eye Balm is 4.4 out of 5, and 66 % of users rewarded this Tule Eye Balm 5-star rating. Only 7 % of users reviewed this Eye Balm with a one and 2-star rating. 

Cooling Sensation

One significant factor about Tula’s Glow & Get It Eye Balm is that you may follow it over or under makeup. I decided to attempt it first without my makeup on. I lightly slid the applicator over my eyelids and around my beneath-eye location. I found a little hack with this product because it works fantastic as a highlighter.


I tried its usage on my brow bone, the bridge of my nostril, and my cupid’s bow, and I was stunned to look how excellent it appeared. Using the product over your makeup works appropriately if you’re searching for a midday pick-out-me-up.

Ingredients of the Tula Eye Balm

Tula’s products are precise because the formulation focuses on harnessing the powers of probiotics and superfoods. The Glow and Get Eye cream review capabilities are some key ingredients: caffeine, blueberry, and hyaluronic acid.

Caffeine allows firming skin and reduces the advent of excellent traces, while blueberry and hyaluronic acid hydrate and defend the sensitive eye. Like any Tula merchandise, this eye balm also uses a mix of probiotics that boom skin smoothness and calm any infection.

Special Effects of Tula Eye Balm Before and After Applying

Tula Glow and Get It Eye Balm is golden for immediate rejuvenation: The cooling impact you get when using this product is excellent for a fast jolt of strength. However, the sensation isn’t long-term. I found myself trying to reapply the balm in the day because my eyes could come to be tired once more after it had worn off. The eye-brightening effect for me became apparent, though.

 I observed this improvement after every application. Because I don’t have quality lines or wrinkles yet, the skin around my eyes did experience tighter after applying. I also cherished that this product can paint as a highlighter and eye primer. So this product is a high-quality desire for all styles of eye issues.

How to apply Tula Eye Balm?

Follow as your eye care step after you moisturize. You may be applied 36 tiers around the eye and at the orbital bone for a glow impact. Re-practice in the day to energize and brighten the eye area.


  • It gives you instant cooling, hydration, and glow, so you look refreshed and energized
  • It helps to remove dark circles, inflammation, and wrinkles
  • It contains probiotics and superfoods for a genuinely healthy glow
  • Portable, used on the go, and reapply throughout the day
  • Super easy to use swipe under & around eyes and on top of cheekbones
  • Suitable for all types of skin.


    • Free of fragrance

Does Tula work for dark circles?

My wonderful thing about this Tula eye balm is that I assume it *does* help cover darkness; it covers my darkish veins on my hand quite correctly, so it does do a pretty right task at overlaying dark circles in your under the eye.

Does Tula eye cream have retinol?

TULA pores and skin Care beauty Sleep overnight restore treatment, Anti-growing old, nighttime Cream, carries herbal Peptides, AHAs, Retinol, diet C to lessen the arrival of lines and dull Tone.

Does Tula under eye cream work?

You could use them underneath makeup, and your concealer might not get funky or pill, and in case you apply over makeup, it may not mess with it. It truly is a prominent perk to me as (at least in my experience) you can’t put eye cream over concealer, ever, without searching like a hot mess.

What does the Tula Eye Balm do?

This Eye Balm Provides a dewy glow even as it hydrates & cools. It energizes and brightens the under-eye area and removes dark circles.

How do you use Tula glow hour?

Observe directly to the under-eye location for fast cooling & a golden glow. Use underneath and over makeup at some stage in the day. Gently pat around the eye area to combine for your golden glow. 


After observing my experience, Tula Eye Balm is the best product for eyes issues. It does not only help to reduce dark circles, but it also gently soothes the eyes without inflammation and provides a cooling sensation. 

One of the best things about this product is that it is suitable for all skin types; you may freely apply it under your eyes to lighten them.

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