The skin is our largest and most exposed organ. Proper facial skin care is extremely important if we want to keep a youthful appearance for as long as possible. What does skincare mean?

Skin care includes, first of all, determining the type of skin. Based on that, we move on to the next step, which is proper and regular care, which includes daily facial cleansing and the use of those products that are suitable for your skin type. You can find such products in every supermarket, but you can also make a little research on the internet and see what is the best for your skincare reading reviews. If you want to prevent premature aging of the facial skin and the first appearance of wrinkles, it is very important to use anti-wrinkle creams (day and night). Of course, regular visits to the beautician and facial cleansing and rejuvenation treatments are certainly welcome.

When is the best time to start?


Although we don’t think about aging skin in our twenties, those are the best years to lay a good foundation for anti-aging in older years. Choosing a lifestyle (no alcohol and cigarettes, a healthy diet, and regular exercise) and proper facial care in your twenties will help fight skin aging.

What are the most effective cosmetic techniques for facial rejuvenation?

In the last few years, there has been more and more talk about PRP anti-aging treatment, which uses only natural ingredients found in the body – blood plasma rich in platelets, which is used to create collagen and elastin inside the skin. It is considered that the effect is already visible after three treatments. However, many singled out the laser treatment as one of their favorite and most effective. You can find on this site more about pico laser, one of the most popular laser treatments. What is laser treatment?

This is a technique of directing short beams of light on the skin, precisely removing it layer by layer. Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, shallow acne scars, and warts are treated. Recently, we can hear more and more about pico laser treatment, which is a process of simply removing signs of aging and naturally turning back the clock on your skin. This laser uses the latest anti-aging laser skin care technologies to help you look younger.

Is the treatment painful?


The most important characteristic that distinguishes picosecond lasers from classical lasers is pulse duration. It is logical to ask why the short pulse duration is so important. The answer is that reducing the duration of the pulse allows the power of the pulse to be increased without damaging the tissue. And it really works. Experience has shown that collateral damage to the tissue is significantly less with the use of pico lasers even when significantly higher energies are used compared to the classical one. Therefore, considering that the treatment lasts less, the logical conclusion is that the intensity of the pain is less.

After the treatment

Redness and minor swelling are common after the treatment, but they will resolve quickly. Most people can resume regular activities immediately after treatment. What is important is that you continue to take care of your facial skin. It would also be advisable to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight for at least seven days after the treatment.

Skin appearance after pico laser treatment

After treating the skin with a pico laser, the face will be fresh, tightened, rejuvenated, clean, and renewed. The results obtained with laser treatments are great, the recovery time is short, and the treatments are safe for a large number of skin conditions. Technologies are becoming more modern and safer every day. In this way, the range of possibilities for their application in the service of beauty is expanding.

When is pico laser recommended?

Pico laser is recommended for rejuvenating the skin, making it elastic and firmer, but it is also effective in removing blemishes and tattoos. After the laser treatment, the face is hypersensitive to the sun for up to a year. That’s why autumn is considered the season of lasers.

How to care for the skin after laser treatment?


After the ablative laser, the skin is sensitive, swollen, and irritated. The doctor will cover the treated part of your skin with a thick layer of medicated ointment and maybe even cover it with a bandage. Laser-treated skin is often extremely sensitive to sunlight, so it’s important to wear a high sun protection factor after treatment, even on cloudy days. During recovery, do not use products that could irritate the skin, such as cosmetics.

Who is laser treatment not intended for?

People who used isotretinoin therapy for, pregnant, and lactating women must not do laser treatment because hyperpigmentation may appear. Of course, as before any procedure, consult your doctor or dermatologist before starting therapy.

Daily proper care

When a certain period has passed and the facial skin has calmed down after the treatment, it is time to continue with daily facial care. It is desirable to exfoliate once a week because that way we clean the pores. As for daily care, it is advisable to use tonic and lotion, and then apply serum and moisturizing cream on a clean face. It is necessary to repeat the procedure in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

Final thoughts

Some people fear laser because they think it has a harmful meaning, but this is absolutely not true. They are light radiation, but if they are used in the right way, with quality technology, and with the right knowledge, they are absolutely safe. They are the best choice for treating various skin problems – from the first wrinkles and age spots to capillaries and hyperpigmentation, and they can also remove unwanted hair and changes on the skin such as benign moles, warts, stretch marks, and tattoos.

What is really important is that you find an expert person to perform this treatment and be sure that there will be no room for fear and the thought that something might go wrong.

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