How Do You Lighten Dark Circles

There is a lot to discuss when it comes to the care of eyes, as eyes are most important for anyone. If you do not care correctly for your eyes, it can lead to various eye issues like wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, and many more. But, the question is, How Do You Lighten Dark Circles?

This article will teach you about dark circles under the eyes, which are common in men and women. Often accompanied by under-eye pockets and bags, the dark circles can make you look very older than ever before. To make things worse than ever, they can be tough to get rid of. 

Causes of Dark Circles

There are a lot of causes to make dark circles under your eyes; these include:


Extreme fatigue, oversleeping, and just ignoring your normal bedtime can cause dark circles under your eyes. Depreciation and fatigue are two important factors that can cause your skin to become pale and dull, thus allowing the blood vessels and dark tissues under your skin to show.

For the formation of dark circles under the eyes, lack of sleep may be the most important cause and lead to puffiness. As a result, the dark circles will look like the shadows cast by your puffy eyelids.


Natural aging is the most important cause for creating dark circles under the eye area. Your skin becomes thinner as you get older. You also lack the collagen and fat required to maintain skin elasticity. Moreover, the dark blood vessels under the skin layers become more exposed and visible, thus causing the area under the eyes to darken.


Looking at TV and computer screens can lead to essential strain on your eyes. This strain will lead to making your blood vessels become enlarged. As a result of this, dark circles will appear under your eyes.


The eye dryness and allergies can trigger dark circles, as when you have allergic reactions on your body, it leads to the release of histamines due to harmful bacteria. Other than the cause of uncomfortable and unbearable symptoms including. Redness, itchiness, and puffy eyes histamines are the major cause of blood vessels dilating and becoming more visible under the eyes. 

Furthermore, allergies can let your urge to rub and scratch the infected skin around your eyes. These symptoms can make your issues worse, thus causing inflammation, broken blood vessels, swelling, and make dark circles in your eyes. 


Dehydration is the main and common cause of dark circles because when your body does not get the proper amount of water, it will get dull and cause dark circles. This is because of proximity to the underlying bone of the eye. 

Sun Overexposure

There is an excess of melanin production due to overexposure to the sunlight, as it is a pigment that offers your skin color. Therefore, extreme sunlight can cause pigmentation to the skin surrounding the eyes. 


Genetica and family history play an important role in forming dark circles under the eyes. The cause is the inherited issue seen in your childhood and can worsen overage and slightly disappear. Predispositions and medical conditions like thyroid disease can also lead to dark circles under the eyes. 

Home Treatments for Dark Circles

Home Treatments for Dark Circles
Say Goodbye to Dark Circles!

To get the best treatments of eye circles greatly is dependent on the underlying cause. However, some essential home recipes and treatments can remove the dark circles under your eyes. 

Application of cold compress

Swelling and sprinkling dilated blood vessels can be treated with the help of a cold compress. This is the essential treatment to reduce puffiness and helps to remove dark circles. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean, dry cloth and apply to your eyes. The best alternative is to use the cold water, damp a piece of cloth in the cold water and place it in your area under the eye for 30 minutes. If the ice melts or the cloth becomes warm, you can repeat the process. 

Get extra sleep

Increasing your sleeping time can also help to reduce dark circles and eye pockets under the eye area. Deprivation in sleep can cause your skin to make dark circles and pale colors more clear. So the best option is to sleep seven to eight hours to prevent dark circles from appearing.

Elevate your head

As the duration of your sleep is important, your sleep is also an important factor in reducing dark circles. The best way to get rid of puffiness and look swollen is to elevate your head by placing pillows beneath it. This will prevent the fluid from pooling under your eyes.

Use of moisturizers

There are several types of products known as moisturizers that can help you reduce dark circles. They come with natural ingredients—vitamin E, caffeine, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, tea leaves, and retinol.


Natural healers advise using the soaked green tea bags in warm water and then chilling the bags in the fridge for a few minutes. Put the bag on each eye for five minutes, remove the tea bags and rinse your eyes with cold water. 

Products with Vitamin K

A study in 2015 reveals that the products containing caffeine and vitamin K to treat dark circles are the best option as it is a good remedy for puffiness and dark circles. 

Cold Milk

Dairy products like yogurt and milk are a great source of vitamin A, as these products contain retinol, which is a good option to make your younger look. To gain the best results, soak the cotton makeup remover in a bowl of cold milk for a few minutes. Rub the milk-soaked pad on the under-eye area, let it sit on your eyes for a few minutes, and rinse your face with water.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerful natural and gentle anti inflammatory ingredient to cure dark circles. It lightens up the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and treats dark circles. You can use coconut oil like vitamin E oil, apply it overnight on your skin, leave it on your skin for some time, and rinse it in the morning. 


Another powerful anti-inflammatory and natural ant-oxidant is the turmeric mask to treat dark circles. Mix it with the pineapple juice to make a paste and apply it over the face and under the eye area. Leave the mask for a few minutes. Use a warm and damp cloth to remove it. Practice this remedy regularly to reduce dark circles. 

Conceal with makeup

Do not test your dark circles with cosmetics and makeup, as they make them camouflage. Concealers are the best option to hide the dark circles to blend them in the natural skin tone. Proper care is also essential, including makeup products and topical treatment. Because some products may cause symptoms to worsen, it may lead to allergic reactions. If you experience irregular symptoms due to the topical treatment, you should stop it for sure.

Use of Mint Leaves

Mint leaves your skin with a minty fresh fragrance, as the leaves contain menthol and best improve blood circulation, rejuvenate and soothe the skin by offering a fresh smell. It is astringent, makes blood vessels contract around the eyes, and reduces the blue tint. Mint comes with vitamin C, makes the skin brighter and even-toned under the eye area, and is the best option to reduce dark circles. 

Medical Treatments to Reduce Dark Circles

Medical treatments to reduce Dark Circles

Much medical treatment is best to get the more permanent and effective solution to cure dark circles. Some of the most common and effective, and well-treated approaches are:

  • Use of chemical peels and products to reduce pigmentation and dark signs
  • To make the skin resurface, laser surgery and skin-tightening procedures to enhance skin tone is growing in trend
  • Medical tattoos with the use of injections and pigments in the thinner skin areas
  • For concealing blood vessels and melanin, tissue fillers are the best options, as they make the skin tone even smooth and shiny.
  • Implementation of surgical treatments likes to implant fat or synthetic products.

Caution and Tips

Before using the medical treatments or cosmetic procedures, discuss your options with your doctor. The invasive medical treatments can be on the higher side in terms of price, pain full, and often need a long time for recovery.


Most people think that dark circles appear temporarily and are a sign of aging and lack of sleep. There are many important causes that you may suffer from this eye issue. However, there are also various ways and home remedies and treatments and medical treatments that you can use to reduce them in a good manner.

Furthermore, if you notice any discoloration and swelling on the skin’s surface, you can consult with the doctor either way. The dermatologist and skin specialist are doing their best to offer their services in many local hospitals and private clinics, as they guide you best according to your diagnosed problem. 

Finally, I am sure you got a lot of information about how to lighten dark circles. So if you want to reduce your dark circles by applying dermatologist creams, try the best eye cream for dark circles to get rid of!

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