Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream VS Serum

The presence of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes negatively impacts your appearance. Dr. Uday Devgan explains that a regular and good skincare routine needs effective eye cream or serum.

Obagi Medical Gentle Rejuvenation
Obagi Medical Gentle Rejuvenation Ultra-Rich Eye Hydrating Cream, 0.5 oz Pack of 1
Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Eye Cream
Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Eye Cream & ELASTIderm Eye Serum Set
Prime Status
Obagi Medical Gentle Rejuvenation
Obagi Medical Gentle Rejuvenation Ultra-Rich Eye Hydrating Cream, 0.5 oz Pack of 1
Prime Status
Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Eye Cream
Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Eye Cream & ELASTIderm Eye Serum Set
Prime Status

Let us think, is aiming soft obagi elastiderm eye cream good for the eye or serum? What do you think about it? In contrast to other eye creams, Obagi Elastiderm works more than a moisturizer; it temporarily plums up the skin

Yet, Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream VS Serum works very well in reducing eye wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines. As a result, it gives you a fresher look by stimulating your skin’s natural capacity to retain skin elasticity in a good and effective manner. Therefore, changes in the skin tone are among the visible signs of aging, but with Obagi elastiderm eye cream and serums, you can reduce the signs of aging and make the look of your skin younger and more beautiful. 

Overview of Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream VS Serum

When considering Obagi creams, the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream is the best firming eye cream that strengthens the skin by increasing collagen production and elastin. However, the effective and advanced ingredients that use the natural body skin renewal processes show results. Compared to other traditional creams, the obagi elastiderm eye cream is the best in a very short time. The formula of the cream is so defective that it helps make the skin of the eyes firm and tight and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

When it comes to Obagi Elastiderm eye serum, it combines with the Eye Patented Bi Mineral Contour Complex. With caffeine and rollerball technology, KTO retains the aging eyes, reduces eyes’ puffiness, and soothes the eye area. Eric D. Donnenfeld serum is also helpful in lightening and brightening the under-eye area by constructing the blood vessels. Besides, Obagi eye serum is full of Bi mineral contour complex to make the skin tighter and support eye skin elasticity.

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream Review

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Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream
8.9/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Obagi
  • Item form: Cream
  • Use for: Eyes
  • Gender: Women

Obagi eye cream is an ideal product for normal to dry skin tones, for cooler and arid climatic regions, and for more smooth and rich consistency eye cream.

Obagi Elastiderm is one of the best creams for eye treatment, comes with a silky and smooth touch, and absorbs quickly. It has a clean and fresh scent. However, this product is clinically proven and effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles for the more resilient and firmer eyes.

Bi mineral Complex is the main ingredient of Obagi Elastiderm eye cream that helps replenish and build collagen to give your skin a functional elasticity. Elastin is a protein that makes your skin firmer. The cream is best for the skin as it penetrates the skin to a greater extent to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Despite this, it contains malonic acid, a gentle exfoliator that is an active ingredient to remove dull and dead skin cells, and a bi mineral complex to retain elasticity. These active elements absorb in the skin by advanced penetrating therapeutics to get effective results in less than two weeks.

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Benefits of Using Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

  • Obagi Elastiderm eye cream formula is perfect for normal to dry skin tones, as the cream helps make the skin moist and hydrating.

  • The intensely hydrating eye treatment is the best solution for common aging eye issues.

  • The cream helps make the skin firm, and tight which is sagging skin around the eyes.

  • Reduces the dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles on the eye’s surrounding areas.

  • The cream is clinically proven to get the best results in all aspects and protects against free radical damage.

Ingredients in Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

BI Mineral Contour Complex

Bi mineral contour complex is an advanced and innovative technology that harnesses copper, zinc, and malonate. It is specially designed to promote the three basic levels of developing healthy elastin.


Silicone is one of the most effective ingredients for the skin. It soothes puffiness and forms a thin and invisible film on the layer of the skin that locks the moisture in the skin and imparts a silky smooth texture to the skin. This film is also helpful to fill and hide the wrinkles temporarily.


The Obagi ELASTIderm eye cream has a formula consisting of antioxidants like blueberry fruit extract and Vitamin E. Antioxidants help the skin fight against free radical damage. The cream also contains an extract of licorice that can provide better effects and soothing touch to the skin.


  • Combats free radical damage

  • Builds collagen

  • Blueberry fruit & Vitamin E extracts

  • Restores elasticity

  • Easy to apply

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines


  • Bottle is very thin

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Serum

Our Choice

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Serum
8.4/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Obagi
  • Item form: Serum
  • Use for: Eyes
  • Age 20s to 50s

The Obagi eye serum is the best eye formula to reduce wrinkles, finelines and dark circles. Besides, it is the best formula for 20s to 50s ages.

Unlike other creams, the Obagi Elastiderm eye serum is one of the best beauty products for eyes that refreshes the look of the soft. Also, it has delicate skin around the eyes with clinically proven ingredients. And it is an ophthalmologist-tested cream. The serum uses roller ball technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

Obagi Elastiderm comes with a unique formula that is a great option and perfect for mature skin. The serum helps revive the delicate skin around the eyes for a beautiful appearance. As the serum comes with a Bi mineral complex, it enhances the elasticity in the skin, makes it tight, and smooths out wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

Benefits of Obagi Elastiderm eye serum

  • Obagi Elastiderm eye serum is an ideal solution for loss of firmness.

  • The serum is helpful to reduce laxity, sagging, and creepiness.

  • It helps to refresh the skin around the eyes and rejuvenate your look and appearance.

  • The serum contains Dipropylene Glycol, which is odorless, colorless, and nontoxic for skincare. Thus it results in soothing the skin tone.

Ingredients of Obagi Elastiderm eye serum


Caffeine is an alkaloid found in tea and coffee trees and kola nuts with anti-inflammatory characteristics. This element is beneficial for the skin to reduce the appearance of puffiness and cellulite under the eye area.

Dipropylene glycol

Obagi Elastiderm serum contains Propylene glycol; as a solvent, it helps dissolve or suspend other ingredients in the skin as it comes with the formula without changing other ingredients. Dipropylene Glycol permits the even distribution of all cosmetic products like serums and creams and offers proper consistency.

Zinc Carbonate

Zinc carbonate and zinc oxide are active ingredients in the Obagi elastiderm eye serum, which is highly insoluble. When applied to the inflamed skin can be effective in making the skin smooth and beautiful.


  • Minimizes fine lines

  • Diminishes dark circles

  • Soothes under-eye puffiness

  • Strengthens delicate skin


  • Slightly expensive

Is serum or cream better for you?

Serums are made of very small molecules so that the skin can absorb them deeply and quickly. The thicker and heavier ingredients of creams create barriers to the skin layers. Therefore, without these hindrances, the active ingredients in serum can better absorb and penetrate your skin faster and more effectively.

Can I use eye cream and serum together?

Suppose you think that using one product, like if your sensitive skin gets redness, then it is best to use fragrance-free moisture first and then apply the serums on the top. The cream can reduce serum potency because it can cause less irritation on the skin.

What does ELASTIderm eye serum do?

The Elastiderm eye serum that comes with the Patented Bi mineral contour complex helps restore the skin’s elasticity to decrease the signs of aging, thus resulting in more resilient and firmer-looking skin.

Does obagi elastiderm eye cream work?

Yes, Obagi elastiderm eye cream works well as the product caters to a variety of under eyes woes and contains hydrating, brightening, and DE puffing ingredients. As a result, the cream can handle puffiness, under-eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles in addition to fine lines. The cream can reduce dryness and prevents free radical damage by redefining and plumping the eye contour.

How do you use obagi elastiderm?

After the application of cleanser and toner, you should apply 2 to 3 pumps of elastiderm. Use facial serum as the last step before moisturizing your skin. To get the best results, it is good to use the Obagi elastiderm products twice a day in the morning and evening to spotlessly wash your face and neck.

Final Verdict

Therefore, by analyzing the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream VS Serum, both cream and serum formulation is very similar. You can get the required results whether you opt for cream or serum. But if you have a normal to dry skin tone. Thus, it is better to go for the cream option. On the other hand, if you have normal, oily skin, you should go for Obagi serum, as it is lightweight and will not clog your pores.

As the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, it is essential to use the cream or serum that keeps it hydrated and smooth. Obagi has introduced a wide range of lines that come in both serum and cream form, aiming for a soft look to resolve all types of skin issues. 


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